What is Anger?

What is anger

• It is normal to feel angry; everyone feels annoyed, frustrated, irritated, or even rage from time to time
• We usually feel angry when things didn’t turn out the way we plan, or didn’t get something that we wanted, or other people don’t act the way we would like
• Anger can be expressed by shouting, yelling, or swearing
• In extreme cases some people show their anger through physical aggression, such as hitting someone or throwing things

Anger can get out of control, and you may need help to manage your anger if:

• you feel angry, irritated, or tense a lot of the time
• you get angry more easily or more often than others around you
• you use alcohol or drugs to manage your anger
• you become so angry that you break things, damage property, or become violent
• your anger lead to problems with relationships
• you get into trouble with the law as a result of your anger, e.g. getting into fights
• you tend to take your frustration out on loved ones or people less powerful than you, instead of dealing with the situation that triggered your anger

Avenues for help

• Some people find it hard to express feelings like sadness, shame, hurt, guilt, or fear, so just the anger comes out
• Some people channel their anger towards themselves, and may belittle themselves internally or label themselves with harsh criticisms
• Sometimes it is helpful to talk to someone you trust. This might be a family member or close friend. However you may also find it beneficial to speak to a professional third party
• Therapy involves non-judgmental discussion with your psychologist to understand why you get angry, what sets it off, what are the early warning signs, and how to manage those feelings more constructively
• If you are feeling a little tentative about seeking help, read about what it is like to see a Psychologist here


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