What is Depression?

What is depression

• Depression is a word used to describe feelings of sadness, frustration, and fatigue
• We all experience occasional down periods and usually feel better after a while
• However, if these feelings of sadness go on for too long or feel very intense, it can start to affect our daily activities

You may need help to cope with depression if:

• You have lost interest in doing things that you usually enjoy
• You have or are beginning to withdraw from people around you, including loved ones
• You struggle to find the motivation to start your day
• You feel hopeless or helpless thinking about your future
• You get teary easily, and sometimes without clear reasons
• You become easily irritable, snappy, or touchy
• Everything seems to take a lot of effort
• You eat more than usual even though you are not hungry, or you have less appetite for food
• You have problems falling asleep, and/or waking up frequently through the night
• You look forward to escaping your pain using alcohol or drugs, or both
• You question your sense of worth and reason for existence

Note: Seek help immediately if you are considering ending your life; suicide is a call for help, not a solution. Help is available.

Lifeline (crisis support and suicide prevention) is available 24/7 on 13 11 14 or go to www.lifeline.org.au for more information.

Thinking about getting support?

• You may be pushing yourself to move on with life, or feel you are burdening others by explaining your thought and feelings
• You may also feel burnt out from having to pretend to be happy
• Depression is not a sign of weakness; it is typically an indication that you are experiencing a bigger “downtime” than usual, and your previous ways of coping are not working anymore
• Your Psychologist can help you to make sense of your overwhelming thoughts and feelings, and the underlying reason of your depression. Your Psychologist can then help you to develop new strategies to cope with low mood and sadness
• If you are feeling a little tentative about seeking help, read about what it is like to see a Psychologist here